Custom Minimalist Cups


To celebrate a milestone, get your custom made cups for $10 OFF now until March 7th!



After ordering:

❀ We discuss the style of cup you’d like

❀ You send me reference photos for your choice of design (up to 6 letters are accepted)

❀ I do the design (I allow 1 revision) and I wait for your approval

❀ Upon approval, I will make design and ship your order!


Breakdown of price?

The pricing reflects time I spend drawing and making, as well as additional costs (the cup itself and the vinyl)

Can I choose a different cup that isn’t on your list?

Yes, as long as you cover the price of the cup+any additional shipping costs, we can do it on any!

What happens if my order breaks in transit?

I will do my best to protect it by wrapping it well to ensure it does not break during transit. If by any chance it does so, please reach out to me so we can find the most optimal solution.

Please note: final price is subject to change if your cup/mug is over a certain weight threshold

If you are okay with everything you’ve just read, I’d love to make your cup!